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The Cincinnati Spikes Baseball program was founded in 1990 in Montgomery, Ohio.  Over the past 25 seasons, the Spikes have accumulated numerous Southwest Ohio League National Division Championships, affiliated charter organizations' state championships, and some thirty-plus World Series and National Championship berths.  The Spikes have totaled 3 National Championships (2006 Barrett-Fletcher, 2008 IBC Baseball, 2009 Super Series).  The Spikes' all-time winning percentage is .820 with 90% of their losses to nationally known amateur organizations.

The program's coaching staff is comprised of a combination of business professionals, former baseball players, and Spikes alumni.  These Christian men strive to create the premier amateur baseball experience and offer opportunities to grow young men's character.  Utilizing the situations presented by the game of baseball, The Spikes are able to work with each team member to provide the most powerful and complete experience for all players in the organization.