Cincinnati The Right Fit

A relationship with the University of Cincinnati began for Noah Miller before last year’s Future Games. A commitment was made after this year’s PBR event.

“I started talking to them last year when they saw me play a game,” the Monroe junior reflected. “After last year’s Future Games they gave me an offer. I realize now it’s the right fit for me. It’s only three hours from home, JD (Heilmann) and the staff are awesome and it’s a great school where I can get a great education. The baseball is very good and I have a chance to play right away.”

Fittingly, the college recruitment of the top-rated 2023 catcher in Michigan opened with Heilmann, an assistant at UC, the first coach to contact Miller.

“I started getting serious about college baseball in eighth grade,” Miller noted. “That’s when I started sending emails and reaching out to coaches to get my name out there.

“When I started receiving feedback it started to become realistic. Coach Heilmann was the first person to reach out the summer after ninth grade.”

What stood out to Cincinnati about Miller?

“They like my personality,” the 12th-ranked junior in the state said. “Behind the dish I have a great arm and I can control the game.”

The 5-11 190-pounder has been a catcher since 9U baseball.

“It’s something I ran with and still do now,” Miller related. “I like that you can be yourself. With development, I’m finding new ways to be more efficient blocking and receiving.”

A recent defensive change has proved beneficial.

“I started catching on one knee last summer and I like it,” Miller explained. “I went to a camp that was teaching it. I’ve been doing a bunch of different techniques. It’s so much more comfortable.”

There is another area of the game that Miller has improved at since participating in his first Future Games.

“I’ve become better at hitting,” Miller pointed out. “I’ve worked with Nick Swanson at Primetime and improved my hitting on the mental side. He’s been a big help.”

Joining the Cincinnati Spikes has also helped out, according to Miller.

“Playing better competition has helped me improve,” Miller said. “I’ve gotten used to more velocity and that’s made me become a better hitter. We’re using wood.”

His father is another who is credited with being a big influence in helping Miller become the player he is today.

“He takes me anywhere, to hit or going to the field to get catching work in,” Miller related.

A 4.0 student with plans to major in engineering or math, Miller is counting on being a major asset to the American Conference program.

“On the field I’ll be a big energy guy,” explained Miller, who also plays third base, outfield and pitches, with a fastball reaching 90. “I bring hard work and determination every day. Off the field I’m a great student. I look to make the most of my education at UC.”

While other schools had an interest in Miller, Cincinnati was too good to pass up in the eyes of the highly-recruited 2023 catcher.

“I had a good amount of interest from others but Cincinnati just seemed to have the most interest in me,” Miller said. “They contacted me the most by far and cared about me the most. Coach Heilman was at 85 percent of our games. I took a year to decide, it shows what a good person he is.”

Completing the recruiting process means a lot to Miller.

“It’s a dream come true,” Miller said. “I’ve been thinking about it since I started playing and now that it’s a reality it’s awesome. It’s a big weight off my back. I took a deep breath to evaluate it all and know for certain that’s where I want to be.”

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