Open tryouts for annual Cincinnati Spikes’ teams are conducted in the July-September time frame each year. These are held at Prasco Park and Legacy Field, home of the Spikes. Announcements for tryouts are made via the Spikes website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tryouts are for the following season’s roster (for example, tryouts in July of 2023 would be for the 2024 season).

Announcements for tryouts will also be located on our Spikes social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Spikes ask that you fill out the tryout registration form in preparation for your tryout. Thanks again for your interest and the Spikes look forward to seeing you out at the ballpark.

Individual tryouts for the Cincinnati Spikes’ 2024 10U team will be conducted on July 11 at 6:15 PM. Tryouts will be held on Prasco’s corporate campus at Legacy Field (6125 Commerce Court, Mason, OH)

10U-2024 Season
Please complete the form below to register for the upcoming tryouts. In the event you would like a private tryout please contact us directly. Private Tryout Request


Q:        Where is the Spikes home field?

A:         Prasco Park, in Mason, Ohio is the home of the Cincinnati Spikes.


Q:        How many players do the Spikes carry on its roster each season?

A:         The Spikes have no limitation on the number of players it will carry on its roster each season. Younger teams typically carry smaller rosters (13-14 players), while older teams begin expanding rosters (16-20).


Q:        What is the cost to participate on the Spikes?

A:         One of the unique benefits of playing with the Spikes is that there is ZERO cost to be a member of the program. Everything from shoes to equipment to travel costs is completely covered by the team for each player.


Q:        How are vacations viewed?

A:         Vacations should be planned and taken before or after the season. 100% commitment to the Spikes program is a must and part of the selection criteria for each player. Typically, the younger age teams play 25-35 games while the older and seasonal teams (15U+) will play 45-55 games.


Q:        What are the plans for travel with the team?

A:         The Cincinnati Spikes are a national travel team. Travel to participate in high-level tournaments is instrumental in the development of our players. Initially for younger teams, plans are to participate within our immediate geographical area. However, for the older teams, the possibility of post-season travel to a national tournament is an organizational goal and must be considered. Immediate geographical area would include locations such as Lexington, Louisville, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis and Knoxville, in addition to Cincinnati.


Q:        What is the length of the season?

A:         Pre-season practice will start in mid-February with the official first game slated for early-to-mid-April. The season normally ends at the end of July.


Q:        Do the Spikes play on holidays?

A:         The Spikes, like other select programs around the country make plans to play on both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The Spikes will not play on Easter.



The Cincinnati SpikesTM train with Ignition. Ignition is the Midwest’s premier sport-specific training center devoted to providing dedicated athletes a safe and positive training environment aimed at helping to develop and improve their body, mind, and spirit. Ignition’s unique training program provides the SpikesTM players with the tools to increase athleticism and develop the skills necessary to improve baseball performance. Ignition’s dedicated instructors help the players in the areas of fielding, throwing, catching and batting all in a controlled environment under the watchful eye of certified staff. The Ignition training program is designed to help players improve their baseball skills while learning proper care for a player’s body to help prevent injuries common to baseball players.

Spikes work with a certified trainer from warm-up — learning the proper way to stretch and cool-down, all designed to care for the arm through this pre and post-game care. Ignition offers opportunities for student-athletes to develop their skills through situational lessons, drills, skills games, and contests helping each player learn more about working with the ball and maintaining the motivation necessary for success.

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